Unlawful denial of jurisdiction by the Dutch courts constitutes human rights violations and unjustified interference in Llanos Oil’s secured claim against Ecopetrol.

The European Human Rights Court distinguishes between a mere claim and a secured claim in accepting the full value of the arbitral award.

By virtue of the validity of the attachment in The Netherlands, the proven full value of Llanos’ claim would be enforceable.

Appeal was filed on January 15, 2014 in the Dutch Supreme Court.




Llanos Oil Exploration Ltd was exclusively engaged in oil and gas exploration in Colombia.Ecopetrol effected a disguised expropriation of an oil and gas contract worth billions of Euros of potential income utilizing false criminal proceedings against Llanos Oil.

An adjunct vice president without vested powers annulled the contract.

Consequently, Llanos Oil is legally still the rightful beneficiary of the oil and gas rights




Llanos Oil filed suit against Ecopetrol (Colombian State Oil Company) and Colombia in The Netherlands, claiming the loss of the oil & gas contract income.
After five years of legal proceedings and interference by RBS, jurisdiction for legal action in the Netherlands was denied by the Dutch courts in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Appeal was filed in the Dutch Supreme Court on January 15, 2014.




RBS obstructed Llanos Oil’s attachments of Ecopetrol accounts; these are the essence of Llanos’ right to access to court in The Netherlands in respect of its secured claim against Ecopetrol.
Under the European Convention on Human Rights, a secured claim also leads to proven full value arbitral award of damages.